Gödel Research Lab 

Solving Complex Problems

 'Godel Research Lab' follows its core philosophy while serving customers. Here are the broad areas into which our services are categorized :

End-to-End Product Development :

We take up product design problems and use our interdisciplinary knowledge to provide efficient solutions. Given our expertise in software, hardware and mathematics, we are able to conceptualize and solve complex problems, which involve multiple Technologies and Interfaces. Today, Technology is maturing and the need is to effectively combine the power of different technologies and help organizations solve complex problems, which were previously uncrackable. Upcoming fields like Big Data, internet of things, and Analytics pose such problems and we possess the relevant skills.


Technology Consulting :

We provide consulting solutions to startups and companies. Our approach is deep rooted and we provide a holistic solution to the problem than merely doing a patch-up work. Our years of experience enables us help companies at different levels, like finding the best technology for the given scenario, Architecting Solutions combining the power of Hardware and Software, creating product roadmap etc.



If you are an individual or a start-up, living with an Idea for a long time, you have found the right place for you. We provide technological support to such entities and help them convert their Ideas into Working Engineering Prototypes.  Our business acumen and years of experience of working and mentoring start-ups help us provide the right inputs in the beginning.  We build MVP for wannabe entrepreneurs and start-ups and help them take it to the next stage.