Gödel Research Lab 

Solving Complex Problems

We have expertise in the following domains and are specialists in applying Interdisciplinary Knowledge to Solve Complex Problems :




We have expertise in conceptualizing, Architecting and building complex software solutions for various Applications and Businesses. Our knowledge spans across areas like Algorithm Design, Operating Systems and Compilers, Web programming, Parallel programming, different Computing Architectures, Parallel and Distributed mode of Processing etc. and gives us the capability to be very incisive at problems, applying both the Bottom-up and Top-down approaches to figure out the best and optimal solution.

Areas of Expertise Compiler design, OS customization and porting, Driver development, Web front-end and back-end programming and development, Software architecture, Database design, Cloud architecture and programming and mobile applications.


Technologies : JAVA, Android, iOS, Python, PHP, LAMP, HTML5, CSS, AJAX, Big Data, Hadoop, Sqoop, Pig, MongoDB, MapReduce, SAS.


We are applied mathematicians and use our knowledge to solve complex engineering  problems. Mathematics lies at the core of engineering and, despite the current trend being more towards applications and dealing with the upper layer, solving bigger problems involves the application of mathematics.


Areas of Expertise : Statistics, Predictive Analysis, Modeling, Numerical Methods, Stochastic Differential Equations, Probability Theory, Data Visualization, Machine Learning, Text Mining & Data mining.


Technologies : Visualization Toolkit (VTK), MATLAB, GNU Octave, R-statistics, GNU Octave.



We understand hardware from silicon up, till processor and embedded system level. Though, most of our work is focused on the system level, our expertise to work and customize the silicon allows us efficiently choose the components, while designing a Hardware System. We are engaged in designing efficient and compact hardware solutions to convert  Ideas into working products.


Areas of Expertise:  Embedded Systems, Microprocessors and Prototyping Boards (Raspberry Pi, Arduino, BeagleBoard, Cubieboard & TI and Atmel uCs ), Sensor Design and Applications (GPS, Accelerometers, Gyroscope, PIR and many more), Sensor Networks, Communication modules (RFID, Bluetooth LE, various Arduino Shields, GSM, Zigbee, Ethernet, IEEE 802.11X ), PCB design, System Design, FPGA.